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Pursuing Academic Excellence

The Lahore Medical and Dental College is the first private medical college in Lahore and Punjab. We offer a complete spectrum of courses in biological sciences, primarily MBBS. LMDC is known for its dynamic academic programs, curriculum, facilities, and faculty. It is also one of the most renowned dental colleges in Lahore.

The curriculum for each program is designed in a way to support student learning, honing practical skills, and acquiring adequate hours of clinical practice. Students at the campus are taught with help of a blend of lectures, practical knowledge, and group learning in the laboratories.

Healthcare Education & Innovation

Innovation and research are the cornerstone of any medical college in Lahore. But we offer even more to our students. We set ourselves apart by putting emphasis on medical technologies, human factors, and design thinking in medicine.
Our aim is to help and produce physicians that are skilled innovators, are compassionate, have a people-centric approach to medicine, and have the entrepreneurial spirit.

Created in 1997, the first privately owned medical college in Lahore, the Lahore Medical and Dental College has served as a beacon of vision in the field of medicine and intertwined principles of science and invention.

Perspectives in Learning

As a college of medicine and dentistry, we teach our students along with traditional curriculum, and active learning approaches. We immerse our students in a case-driven, clinical, and problem-solving approach to medicine. Our courses are designed in a way that students can tackle healthcare’s most difficult challenges and are trained as clinicians and researchers.

LMDC is counted among the most prominent dental colleges in Lahore. The dental program has trained hundreds of students to date that are leaving an impact with their patient care skills and exceptional clinical knowledge. We are not just a college of medicine and dentistry but also offer other courses that train students in different aspects of biological and pharmaceutical sciences. Our style of training graduates sets them apart from other graduates of medical and dental colleges in Lahore, making them emerging leaders in healthcare and their communities.

The Scenic LMDC Campus

Our campus is situated near the serene and peaceful setting of Lahore’s northern canal and houses buildings for all of our academic programs including Lahore Medical & Dental College, Lahore Pharmacy College, Lahore College of Physical Therapy, and Ruth Pfau College of Nutrition.
LMDC is just an hour away from the main city of Lahore and is based on 120 kanals of land. The beautiful buildings and architecture stand between ample green grounds that serve as centers of extracurricular activities.

Academics at LMDC | The Top Medical College in Lahore

One of the best college of medicine and dentistry in Pakistan with multiple degree programs and areas of study:
• 6 Bachelor’s Degrees offered
• Average undergraduate class size of 100
• 6:1 student to faculty ratio

Applying to Lahore Medical and Dental College

Prospective students who want to be part of the leading medical college in Lahore are welcome to apply to our medical, dentistry, pharma-D, and other programs. We welcome students who have shown the potential to positively affect our college culture with their abilities, character, background, and depth. Following profile can help you understand our admission criteria and standards.

Meet Our Students

As the leading medical college in Lahore and one of the most forward-looking dental colleges in Lahore, we admit students that have proven their mettle not only in academics but are all-rounders. Here are some of our top students this year.

Abuzar Bilal Malik

MBBS | Class of 2023

Meet Abuzar, who is one of the most promising students of our MBBS program. He is working towards his specialization in neuroscience. An athlete, musician, and an avid traveler, Abuzar wants to explore his career in the field of innovative medicine applications.

Sahibzadi Maaham Rashad

BDS | Class of 2024

Meet Maaham, a versatile public speaker, digital content producer, activist, and BDS student at LMDC. She likes to dabble in a wide variety of academic and extracurricular activities and believes that only path to self-realization is exploration.

What We Value

We want to foster a community of culture, innovation, diversity, and learning for our students at the institute. The first step to educational excellence is to incorporate these values into our mandate and lead with them to transform the field of medicine. All of this can help our students better serve their patients and the country.

LMDC wants to be remembered as an institute that puts its students first and trains them to be the best physicians, scientists, and visionaries they can be. In order to achieve this, we ensure that we provide them with an appropriate curriculum and an experienced and passionate faculty that can fulfill the role of mentors and guides.

The concept of community is paramount in health education. LMDC wants to become a community that will play a transformational role in the health of those around us. We are committed to providing excellent education to the future medical professionals of our country, advocates of health, and becoming a productive part of their communities

By introducing the concept of collective good to our students early on their professional journeys, we will be able to ensure our success as an institute and a medical college in Lahore

Any educational institute is as good as its willingness to experiment. Lahore Medical & Dental College has a long legacy of encouraging creative energy and leadership in research. There is no status quo when it comes to health education

We want to foster a climate where the young medical professionals of today push science forward and move out of their comfort zone. They should be willing to experiment and embrace change because only these forces can ensure progress, and improvement and take the institution forward.

Learning is a complicated process. LMDC values this process and understands its complexities. We want to be a school that promotes, supports, and respects all processes of individual and combined learning in order to ensure future success. Learning continuously and effectively is significant to developing key characteristics in these future caregivers.

We celebrate the active involvement of our students in our classrooms and nurture them to be inquisitive and tenacious. LMDC community is inclusive, collaborative, and respectful to all students and faculty in the process of growing together.

As a premier medical college in Lahore, the city of the most hospitable people in the world, we welcome people from all walks of life as our students, collaborators, and teachers. We ensure that we have a culture of inclusivity and diversity engraved in our community. As leaders in the field, we encourage our people to put their differences aside and understand each other by declining the bias and prejudice of society.

Our inclusive community promotes learning, creates diverse experiences, teaches patient care principles, and supports inward reflection. All of it translates into unity and diversity in our medical college.

The first principle of caring for the sick is to put them first and above everything else. This is the core of values we try to incorporate into our students. Patient centeredness in learning approaches helps medical students provide high quality, ethical, safe, and humanistic care.

Students are taught to put the patient first make decisions that are always in the service of the sick and emerge as true stewards of health. Using this approach also puts physicians in a strong enough position that can welcome transparency and public evaluation of the procedures and outcomes of treatments. We feel that as one of the leaders in healthcare education and the top medical college in Lahore teaching our students about this value is of the utmost importance.

Understanding and appreciating the human spirit and condition is very critical in the medical field. The comprehensive consideration of these factors helps them provide better care. LMDC recognizes that developing such a value in our physicians will make them more respectful and considerate towards themselves, their colleagues, and most importantly their patients.

Doctors with altruism can serve with compassion, tolerance, empathy, and respect. Being considerate of the human spirit promotes and gives rise to an environment of healing and promoting health.

There is an unmet need of developing the value of professionalism in doctors and scientists in our communities. Teaching these students how to treat patients with care and respect is highly significant. As a college of medicine and dentistry, we are committed to making our physicians into thoughtful professionals who become true mentors, patient advocates, and pillars of their communities.

In order to ensure all of these values are properly translated into results, LMDC has developed appropriate admission procedures, reward systems for students, and a curriculum that teaches them about the doctor-patient relationship.

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